Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Muna is a simple & safe DeFi app built for Africans. Crypto savings with daily interest, instant coin swap, and lend + borrow.

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Cash Deposit now Live on MunašŸ„³

Update your Muna app today, get verified and enjoy access to all of our amazing features.Ā 

Whatā€™s new?

You can now deposit money directly from your bank account to your Muna wallet

Here is how to:

a. Go to wallet from your home screen, click on “Deposit cash” (as indicated in the image below ).

b. Choose the option to use bank transfer

c. Input the amount of Money you wish to deposit to Muna.

d. Send your NGN to the account details provided on the next screen and click “I have paid” afterwards.

e. Once confirmed by the agent, you will have your NGN deposited to your Muna account by the agent and an email & SMS notification with be sent to you.

Congratulations! You can now perform more seamless transactions on Muna.

Note: you can always view all your pending and completed transaction on the dashboard

Still have questions?

Feel free to send us an email and also join our Telegram community to get assistance always.

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