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USDN Protocol Changes on Muna

Muna offers access to defi opportunities on the Waves ecosystem and cannot remain unaffected by core changes in the Neutrino ecosystem. Muna will adapt appropriately.

USDN stablecoin will transform into XTN index token. In light of this, we are already working on adjustments in our services to keep offering our users access to Waves defi opportunities.

Coming changes

We will explain below how these changes will take effect on the Muna app:

  1. USDN ticker and logo on the Muna app will change.
  2. All swap pools with USDN pair will now show XTN instead.
  3. Since the XTN token (formerly USDN) is not pegged to $1, the Flat pricing formula is no longer suitable for exchanging XTN for USDT, USDC, and BUSD. Hence, USDN <> USDT on Muna will be stopped and XTN <> USDT pools will be relaunched.
  4. We will add a new cash <> crypto trade pair for instant buying and more pools via and PuzzleSwap for Muna users to easily cross-swap assets.

If you face any issues, feel free to contact our team by clicking here or chat with our customer care via live support on the Muna app (go to settings >> Live chat support)

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